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What we do

With a strong aptitude for anything technical, digital or “hands on”, I create solutions to problems using techniques and methods that are often overlooked. I have a strong technical background with major qualifications in Computer Network Engineering and Digital Electronics. This coupled with my strong experience in Design and Manufacturing is an excellent combination for delivering and exceeding expectations in the 3D Printing world.

How we do It

Utilising the latest in 3D Design software, 3D Printing Hardware, Quality filaments/resins and my experience with 3D Printing techniques, I’m able to produce high quality prints and prototypes. Whether its improving a design for a replacement plastic part or designing new models from scratch, I’ve got the technical expertise and attention to detail to deliver on time and budget.


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Completed Projects

Part Improvement and Replacement

An example of a recent project. This is a broken plastic part off a camping cupboard that folds down. The original design had no filleting where the rounded objects met the ribs or the body. This resulted in load not being distributed evenly throughout the part and therefore a weak point, which inevitably failed.

Printing Services and Fun

These are just a couple of prints we’ve done for Clients, Friends and Family. We have the capability to print 4 different types/colours of material in a single print! The results can be, well… See for yourself!




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